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Don Carlos
Extracto de 1:34 min
DVD (8:00 min)
About this piece:
Alexander Apóstol’s work, comprised of photography series and video pieces, questions the development of modernity in his native Venezuela—which extrapolates into a general questioning of a universal idea of ‘modernity,’ creating a dialectic between the ‘modern’ and a reality that contradicts this idea. He accomplishes this by revealing a paradoxical reality where he finds contradicting forces at play by digitally manipulating photographs in both his Residente Pulido and Residente Pulido:Ranchos series and by creating “real” video situations, such as the pieces Don Carlos and Documental, where the question of Venezuela’s dreams of modernity ever having been accomplished is poignantly asked. The majority of the series of photographs and all of the video pieces will be seen for the first time in the US in this exhibition.


Introduction to the exhibition Alexander Apóstol: Savage Modern / Moderno Salvaje, The Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation. May 13 - June 18, 2006

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