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Alexander Apóstol - What I'm Looking For

What I'm Looking For
Fotografía Digital
180 x 450 cm

What does a boy do when he wants to attract another boy through the Net?
What does a boy want from another one when hes idealizing him?

This series is about Latin American boys coming from different places and social conditions. Its about their dreams and stereotypes when they think about the European Man.

Most of them have never been in Europe before, but they believe it has to be a better place.

They see this European Man as a chance to build a perfect couple. They imagine the Europeans as better men.

They are not just looking for sex, they are trying to escape from their realities. One could say they are trying to survive through the fantasy of an Italian or French love.

I decided to focus the attention on the texts they publish, on their editing of what to say or not about themselves.

The series consists of three photomurals in which texts play a central role. Each mural follows a definite subject: the first one is about attitudes, the second one shows costumes and contexts and the last one proposes close-ups.